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Year-Round Concierge Service

Our amazing vacation rental team will make sure your property is in tip-top shape, inspected and cleaned after the guests leave. The good news is we are not just there for check-ins and check-outs, we are also there between vacancies to ensure that our team is handling all of your preventative maintenance issues as well.

We have found that many insurance companies now require weekly home inspections. Our home watch services will detect potential damage and ensure that your property is well-maintained.

Here are the services we provide:

What Happens to Your Property Between Vacancies?

Who is responsible for changing the light bulbs or air filters? Who checks on the vendors? Who meets the technician to service the furnace?

  • Manage Recurring Services –  Unsure if the grass is being cut, pool being cleaned or if pest control is being performed. We hold vendors accountable.
  • Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries – Reduce liability and frustration. We will replace smoke alarm batteries so you or your tenants don’t have to.
  • A/C Filter Changes* – Reduce utility bills by ensuring filters are changed regularly.
  • Home Watch Services – Ensure peace of mind and lower your insurance rates. We perform bi-weekly interior and exterior property inspections with date stamped photos.
  • Key Holder and Security – Let us be the point of contact for potential emergencies.
  • Replace Light Bulbs** –  Eliminate nuisance bills. We will replace burnt out bulbs at no extra charge.
  • Meet Vendors*** – No more scrambling to meet the cable guy. We will do this on your behalf.

*Inspect and/or replace AC filter bi-monthly or in accordance with manufacturers specs.

**Labor and standard light bulbs. Additional fees may apply to specialty bulbs.

***Visits not to exceed 2-hour windows.

Home Watch Services

If you are a vacation rental owner, remember; the commission earned for renting your property does not provide for a year-round concierge service. The cost of one-off service calls can quickly add up. Eliminate those nuisance charges by enrolling in our home watch services program.

You may already be paying for home watch, caretaker, periodic housekeeping & handyman services. Why not consolidate this within your rental management arrangement? We also provide yard, pool, pest control and other maintenance services.

Contact your rental manager or complete the form for more details.

Let Gulf Coast take care of it all for one simple inclusive fee.

$100/month (Less than 1500 sq. ft.)

$120/month (1501-2500 sq. ft.)

$140/month (More than 2501 sq. ft.)

Increased Protection

 Our Home Watch services will add an extra layer of security to your vacant home. Our mission is to make home management as seamless and simple as possible. Not only do we prevent maintenance issues, but we also increase home security significantly. Telltail signs of absence such as circulars in the driveway are quickly corrected, and reduce the likelihood that your residence becomes a target of crime.

Our homeowners range from vacation homeowners, second homeowners, busy corporate professionals, senior citizens who have difficulty taking care of their property, and frequent travelers who rarely stay in one home for a long period of time.

Know Your Homeowner Insurance Coverage

 It is a little-known fact that most homeowner insurance policies do not extend coverage on a vacant home for more than 30 days. Many of these homeowner policies require that a home be inspected if you will be away for longer than 72 hours in order for coverage to apply.

Don’t Be Denied!


If you’re absent from your home for 30 days or more your insurance company may consider it abandoned.


Failure to inspect your home during your extended absences every 14 days may result in insurance claim denial.


Insurance companies are cracking down on second homeowners. Don’t be accused of negligence.

Peace of Mind

Let us be the perfect solution to give you peace of mind, always knowing that your property is in good hands.

You enjoy the benefits, while we do the work.

Start Relaxing Now.

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What People Are Saying About Us

review rating 5  
I have been using Gulf Coast to rent my property for about 2 years and they have done an amazing job. They are easy to deal with, responsive, professional and organized.I have had the pleasure to work with Maria, Scott and Jamie and highly recommend them.

photo (1) Kirenia Sintas

review rating 5  
We are a General Contracting business, we have been working with Matt and Scott on multiple projects. We find them to be Responsive, Honest and Upfront.They care about there residents, they are Absolutely Great to deal with. I would recommend them in a Heartbeat!!Great Management, Awesome a Attitude and more importantly, ( THEY CARE) These Guy's are Rare!!

photo4 Scott Schrader

review rating 5  
Gulf Coast manages five properties for me. They have been wonderful. They take care of issues, communicate regularly, consult me when they need to and just handle smaller matters, and they provide excellent records for tax purposes, etc. I couldn't be more satisfied with their services. I'd like to give a special call-out to Maria Palatino, who deals with all things financial and special handles a slightly complex monthly interaction with the trust company that "holds" several of my rentals. Maria is responsive and helpful!

Photo2 Meryl Ginsberg

review rating 5  
I started working with this company about 2 1/2 months ago for a move across country. Laurie Rastovski was my leasing agent. She really made everything very simple for me, the whole process was stress free 100% with the application. She was great to work with. I moved into the property a few days ago and I am very pleased! This place is perfect for me and it was clean and move in ready! I like this company and would recommend!Thank you for taking care of us :)

Photo3 Psychic Echosunrise

review rating 5  
I have been using Gulfcoast since 2017. They have been invaluable in renting our Sarasota property. The staff including Andy, Scott and Maria the bookkeeper are all incredibly responsive and courteous.

Vince Vince Lepera

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If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with Gulf Coast Property Management, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.