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Your Listing Photos Are Crucial | Parrish Property Management Tips

Your Listing Photos Are Crucial | Parrish Property Management Tips

While online property listings were already popular before COVID-19 was ever even a consideration for property owners along the Gulf Coast, the global pandemic cemented their popularity—and made them a necessity. When property owners could not show their rental homes due to legislation or safety concerns, their online listings quickly became a crucial tool to help future renters find their next home.

COVID-19 also highlighted another challenge landlords faced: without excellent property photos, renters hunting for their next house in Parrish might have completely glossed over your rental. More than ever, we know as Parrish property management professionals that your listing photos are crucial to attracting your next resident!

In the past, property owners might have been limited by the poor quality of their cellphone cameras. With the rising popularity of 4K phones on the market and a surge in affordable DSLR cameras, if you want your Parrish rental home to reach your next renter, you need the right photos to highlight your property as an attractive place to live!

With the technology now in reach for many property owners, the true challenge comes down to technique. To get around this roadblock, we've rounded up some of the best photography techniques we've learned during our time serving as property managers in Parrish to give you an edge when it comes to the photos you take—no matter what equipment you're using!

Invest in the Right Lighting From the Start

As any professional real estate photographer will tell you, the lighting you use in every shot is crucial. If you're shooting on a smartphone, additional lighting is often essential to capturing every charming detail of your Parrish rental property. Sometimes, this simply means turning on all the lights in your property without requiring additional equipment. Even if you're taking shots with a DSLR camera, you should be turning on every light in your property during the setup for any photoshoot.

Beyond flipping a switch, you can add additional illumination cheaply with affordable accessories purchased from just about any online retailer. However, working with natural light is always a plus: if possible, always include natural lighting in your shots as an addition to any lighting you provide to really sell how it will feel to live in your rental property!

Great photos aren't just for the beach! Once you've got the lighting right, it's time to move on to the angles you're going to use to capture your shots.

Angles Are Crucial in Real Estate Photography

If you've ever taken a selfie, you already know how important the right lighting is to flatter and enhance your features. However, you're probably equally aware of how beneficial—or detrimental—the angle you choose to take your photo at can be. The same applies to your Parrish rental property.

Smiling, stylish girl in yellow glasses taking selfie on smartphone on yellow background

As Parrish property management professionals, we know that there are a few ideal angles you should use when capturing the look of your rental property to best represent the space you have to work with. When possible, always shoot from the corners of your property rather than the center of a room. This will help you open up the space and keep your shots from feeling cramped or dark—neither of which are appealing to future renters.

Don't be afraid to use equipment during these shots to support the angle and height you've chosen! A tripod can be extremely useful for shots closer to the ground if you're using a larger camera. If you're using a smartphone, try to stay consistent with the height you use for your shots. Regardless of the equipment you're using to capture the details in your Parrish rental property, you should be using a wide-angle lens.

Of course, all the technique in the world won't save you if you've left clutter in your shots, so before you take your next batch of stellar real estate photos, address this issue first!

Clear Out the Camera Clutter First

There are a couple of photography blunders that any professional real estate photographer will tell you to avoid. One of the biggest for any rental shoot is the presence of clutter in a photo. A little bit of staging with some furniture and a nice plant here and there can add to the overall aesthetic of the shot—but your future renter needs to be able to see themselves in your space! This makes capturing the essence of your rental property between renters ideal.

When you shoot between residents, you won't have to worry about pets or personal photos making their way into your rental listing shot. However, you still have to worry about catching yourself in shiny surfaces like mirrors, faucets, or even windows. Keep yourself out of your shots to maximize the potential of every photo you take and create a professional listing!

Portrait of african american photographer with photo camera at workplace with laptop in office

Once it comes to editing time, don't overedit your photos—your prospective renters will be able to tell something is off. If you're trying to edit out flaws in your rental property, you might also be misleading a potential applicant. A better strategy is to perform a thorough Makeready Process as part of your cleaning and clutter-clearing efforts before any shoot.

If you're not a Parrish property management expert, you might wonder what steps go into a Makeready Process when you're preparing your rental for your next tenant. Thankfully, we've got your back: get started with our free Makeready Checklist! It will guide you through the process from the perspective of a professional to ensure no stone is left unturned. This will help you maximize your photography efforts for your listing with a pristine property.