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The Best Home Tech Systems to Add to Your Bradenton Rental Property

The Best Home Tech Systems to Add to Your Bradenton Rental Property

A property owner in Bradenton, Florida, should always look for ways to improve the tenant experience with new, innovative solutions. One way to add convenience and security for residents is through home tech devices installed in a property to enhance the living experience. Our Bradenton property management team explores some of the best items that real estate investors should look into when upgrading properties with cutting-edge technology that can improve ROIs.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation technology is a way that renters control all electronic devices in your Bradenton rental property remotely and conveniently through an app. This technology can be set up for lights, adjusting heating and cooling systems, viewing security cameras, opening garage doors, and more.

Remote home control system on a digital tablet

A property management expert knows that these features offer many benefits that are beneficial both as a property owner or renter, including:

  • Convenience. Remote access allows renters to turn lights on and off, lock the house, or open and close the garage door.
  • Safety. Your residents feel safer knowing that if they leave home without locking the door, they can do it from anywhere through an app.
  • Peace-of-mind. Knowing you can keep an eye on your rental when renters or away or between tenants delivers peace of mind.
  • Early warnings. Some home technology can alert you when it's time to change air filters or if a system isn't operating correctly. With early warnings that something could go wrong, property owners can prevent significant maintenance issues and reduce costs.

While it might sound complicated to have such a high-tech rental property, you're probably already familiar with the everyday aspects of innovative home features.

Google Home or Alexa Make It Simple

Most renters probably already know how to ask Alexa to change the channel or play their favorite songs. Connecting to a home system is the natural next step to help renters apply Alexa or Google Home conveniences to changing the thermostat, setting the alarm, or dimming the lights when it's time to go to bed.

These devices and the equipment required to connect a property are simple to install and an affordable way to add an in-demand feature to your real estate investments. As property management experts, we can tell you that your properties in Bradenton, Fl, could be some of the first units on the market with full-home automation! Sometimes simple things like Alexa can encourage a renter to choose your property over a house down the street.

Simple Technology Can Generate Better Returns

Investing in a system like Google Home can help you improve rental property ROIs! While this type of technology is more of a "luxury" than a "necessity," it's a cost-effective luxury that many potential renters are already familiar with.

Plus, once your residents get used to the conveniences of home automation, they'll be more likely to stay rather than move to a non-automated property when their lease ends. A property management expert knows that when residents renew, investors don't have to deal with the costs of marketing, tenant screening, or the make-ready process to find and place a new tenant.

Woman looking at laptop monitor

When adding this type of feature, Bradenton real estate investors can also justify a reasonable rate increase. However, offering safety and security technology is a nice perk that renters will pay for if the price is right.

Be Careful of Too Much Technology

While we're big fans of technology and convenience for services, including rent collection, as a property management company, we know that too much tech can make it complicated for renters to live and work in their homes. Adding too many automated or digital features can make it frustrating for tenants in Bradenton to do simple things like run the dishwasher, adjust the thermostat, or turn on the lights in the middle of the night. Renters don't want a home that makes it impossible to lock the doors without electricity if the power goes out.

Work with a property management company to understand what local renters look for in this technology and what's appropriate for your real estate investments. The right property manager can also set up these systems and make sure renters know how everything works when they're ready to move in.

Bradenton property managers also know how to incorporate these features into the rental listing to market your investment property and its technology to potential new renters.

Enhance Properties With Automation and Bradenton Property Management Services

It’s no secret that technology is the way of the world--even here in Bradenton, Florida, and the surrounding areas. We live in a digital era where everything we do, interact with, and buy has some form of an online component. So it makes sense to use home automation technology as another tool for attracting quality renters or stand out from your competition. Using systems like Alexa or Google Home helps residents enjoy more conveniences and safety while living in your rental! These systems can also support a higher rent amount to boost your bottom line.

Gulf Coast Property Management can help investors find solutions that make sense for their investment goals and ROI (return on investment)! Let's talk about the tech that's right for your rentals and how our full-service property management can help.

Sometimes small improvements are a significant boost to ROIs! Learn more in our free guide, "10 Things You Should Do To Increase the ROI for Your Investment Property."