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Maximize Your Port Charlotte Property's ROI with a Clean Rental

Maximize Your Port Charlotte Property's ROI with a Clean Rental

Many Port Charlotte rental property owners might be unaware that the cleanliness of a rental unit can impact both the return on investment and overall maintenance costs. By taking a few simple steps to maintain your rentals, you might be surprised at how tenant retention improves (along with your bottom line)!

Today, our property management experts outline how consistently keeping rentals thoroughly clean can improve your return on investment (and how to make it happen--even if you don't have time to do it yourself)!

Boosting ROI Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Simple and cost-effective ways to improve your Port Charlotte rental property can lead to better returns faster! Keeping clean rental properties is one of the best ways to retain more tenants and stand out from other rentals in your market. When your properties are known as the best and cleanest, you experience better returns from consistent occupancy rates!

Plus, a commitment to cleanliness doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive. This often overlooked (or under) aspect of the make-ready process can be the perfect touch that impresses new renters on move-in day and helps set the tone for the care of your rental throughout their lease term.

Cleaning Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

If cleaning isn't your "thing," we're about to explain why it should become a critical thing for your Port Charlotte property management best practices! Keeping clean rental units benefits landlords in more ways than one--and it doesn't have to be complicated to make it happen!

Property management experts know that establishing routine cleaning protocols during tenant turnover helps investors maintain a high level of cleanliness for every property. While we're not suggesting you show up periodically during the lease term to clean rentals for your tenants, starting them off with a spotless home is an excellent way to minimize potential problems during their stay.

Start With What You Have

Before you run out and stock up on expensive cleaning supplies and tools, a Port Charlotte property management company recommends starting with what you have! Sometimes the best way to clean a rental is simply paying attention to nooks and crannies and applying some "elbow grease" to often-overlooked spots.

Your starter cleaning supplies list can include:

  • Old cloths
  • DIY or non-toxic cleaning solutions
  • A mop and scrub brush with a handle
  • A bucket
  • A vacuum cleaner

With these simple things, you can clean a Port Charlotte rental property from top to bottom and get it ready for new tenants! You might be surprised at how much cleaner your rentals are than others in the market with just these straightforward tools and a little hard work.

Get Serious About Stains

If a simple cleaning solution doesn't get rid of pet stains in the carpet or tub and toilet stains, don't leave them for tenants to deal with. Treat them before move-in day by using a dry cleaning solution or DIY cleaner.

Housewife cleaning carpet with brush and doing housework

Apply a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to stubborn mold or mildew stains in the bathroom. Rent (or buy) a carpet steamer to get after stains and dingy spots to brighten and sanitize the floors.

If stains still stick around, a property manager recommends that it might be time to replace grout in the bathroom or carpeting in the living room. However, in many cases, a deep clean can restore these areas and welcome new residents into a sparkling clean Port Charlotte home!

Set the Standard for Tenants

When tenants move into a clean rental home, they understand their responsibilities to maintain it. A Port Charlotte property management team will tell you that residents that don't regularly clean, neglect to take out the trash, and let clutter take over a home put your property at risk of pest infestations and maintenance issues.

When responding to a maintenance request or conducting a routine property inspection, take note of the cleanliness of your rental. Does it look almost as clean as it was on move-in day? While a home will look "lived in" when renters get comfortable, a significant decline in the state of cleanliness is a problem that landlords must address with renters.

Clean Port Charlotte, Fl rentals help reduce the potential for costly pest problems and repairs. Plus, a property manager can tell you that when renters move into a freshly-cleaned rental home without lingering smells from the previous residents, rental property owners begin a new landlord-tenant relationship on the right foot.

Tenants that feel at home and enjoy a clean, well-kept rental property are more likely to renew their leases! When tenants stay longer, and landlords experience fewer maintenance problems, they enjoy a better return on investment.

Don't Clean Alone! A Port Charlotte Property Management Company Can Help

You might be wondering how to find the time to clean rental properties if you're already swamped with other duties. The good news is that keeping your Port Charlotte rentals clean doesn't require a lot of effort or money! Gulf Coast Property Management includes a thorough cleaning process for all rentals during our make-ready services. We also check in on your rentals and tenants during their lease term to ensure residents keep up with routine cleaning tasks to keep your properties in excellent condition.

Ready for one of our team members to come out and do all the dirty work for you? Let's talk about how we can help.

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