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Hurricane Preparedness for Sarasota Renters: Six Tips

Hurricane Preparedness for Sarasota Renters: Six Tips

Hurricanes have their eyes on you. The 2021 hurricane season had 21 named storms, including Hurricane Ida, which killed dozens of people. 

Hurricane preparedness is essential for all Sarasota residents. A storm can develop at any moment, and you do not want to be caught off guard. Thankfully, you can follow a few foolproof hurricane preparedness tips. 

When should you start preparing for the 2022 season? Should renters have hurricane insurance, and what else should they have? What should you do once you receive an evacuation order?

Answer these questions and you can master the basics of how to prepare for a hurricane. Here are six tips you should follow.

1. Follow the News

The hurricane season begins on June 1. Before the season begins, you should visit the National Hurricane Center's website and read forecasts for the season. You should also read guides on how to get ready for a hurricane.

While the season is going on, you should follow the news reports for forecasts. Keep in mind that hurricanes are unpredictable, so their paths may change over the course of a day. You should check the news multiple days a day just to be safe.

2. Prepare a Go-Bag

Your go-bag should include a first aid kit, flashlights, and a radio in addition to prescriptions and water bottles. You can put all of these supplies in a backpack for easy carrying. Store this bag in your room or kitchen so you access it right away.

3. Plan an Evacuation Route

You can ride out a Category 1 storm in your home. But a major hurricane produces massive wind gusts, storm surges, and rain. You need to evacuate your home whenever a Category 3 or higher storm will hit Sarasota. 

You can take Interstate 75 out of the city, but the road may be crowded with people trying to leave. Pick another route you can take out, including Route 41. 

4. Secure Your Home

Natural disasters impact property ROI significantly, as they can destroy entire homes. Whether you are a renter or a landlord, you should get insurance for your home.

When you get an evacuation order, you can spend a few hours securing your home. Lock your doors and windows and place plywood boards in front of them. Move your valuables into your attic or an upper floor, and store them in thick plastic containers.

5. Keep in Touch With Your Loved Ones

Once your home is secure, you can help your loved ones with their evacuation plans. Give them phone calls or reach out to them over social media. Help however you can, and figure out a way you can stay in touch as you all leave.

6. Follow Your Plan

Do not wait to leave your home. Get in your car or find a storm shelter as soon as possible and get out of the area. Do not return until Sarasota officials say it is safe to come back.

Follow the Best Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Hurricane preparedness requires a few distinct steps. Keep up with the latest developments on tropical storms and be ready to leave at any moment. Pack a go-bag and decide which route you will take out of Sarasota. 

If a major hurricane is approaching, you should get out of southwest Florida. Block all entrances to your home and help pack your loved ones' bags. You should then leave, telling your loved ones where you are going. 

Don't prepare for hurricanes alone. Gulf Coast Property Management helps renters and landlords protect their property. Contact us today.