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How to Use Listing and Vacancy Numbers to Choose a Property

How to Use Listing and Vacancy Numbers to Choose a Property

We've talked about many factors to consider when evaluating the ROI potential of a new investment property--and there's more to consider! When choosing a property, real estate investors must analyze the number of listings and vacancy rates for an area.

Why are these aspects of a neighborhood and rental market important? The best property management company Ellenton offers answers to that question here.

Why Do Vacancies and Listings Matter?

Let's say you are new to the Ellenton, Fl rental market and wondering if there is enough potential rental income rental properties in the area to cover your monthly expenses. Looking at market statistics can help answer that question quickly.

A quick search online can reveal the average rent for apartments or homes. A property owner can also find information about property taxes, mortgage rates, and other common expenses that affect Ellenton rental property returns.

However, while calculating potential income vs. expenses is a good way to evaluate returns for a property, that's not the whole story. Real estate investors must also look at available listings and vacancy rates to get a complete picture of a property's potential.

Why Listings Matter

If you're not sure how to review available listings and apply them to your analysis of a potential property, a property manager can help! If there is a high number of available rentals in an area (and they've been available for several weeks or months), you may struggle to find tenants for your property. Without renters, that property won't generate income. Even if you've run ROI calculations using a competitive rental rate, a high volume of available listings can indicate that investors in the area experience lengthy vacancy times without rental income.

Having too many available rental properties in an area can also mean it's oversaturated with rental homes competing for too few renters. Investing in an area with many listings can mean your property gets lost in the mix and suffers too many empty weeks or months throughout the year.

Why Vacancies Matter

Reviewing listings and vacancies for a neighborhood go hand in hand. With a high volume of available listings, property management companies see a direct correlation to a high vacancy rate for an area. Empty properties mean investors are losing money in that neighborhood, and it might not be a good place for you to invest.

Timing Matters, Too

Most property managers will tell you that while vacancy rates and an abundance of listings in an area can be a bad sign, timing matters, too. Vacancy rates are a snapshot in time, so property owners need to review historical vacancy rates, as well.

Looking at the history of an area with the current state of listing and available properties can help you predict what the next year or several years might look like for a real estate investment property. However, if you're not sure how to review these numbers and what they could mean for your future success with a property in the Ellenton area, a local property management team can help! They're familiar with market trends and how to analyze the potential for excellent returns when factoring in vacancies and income.

If a property manager feels like a struggling area might rebound soon, buying a property at a lower cost and with good interest rates now can pay off. However, if history indicates property taxes are on the rise and vacancies will continue to be a problem in a neighborhood, the best property management company Ellenton, FL offers should advise you away from a property that might never generate enough consistent income and lead to foreclosure or bankruptcy for you a few years into the investment.

Market Research Is Critical For Success

Beware of letting low-interest rates or a low-priced home lure you into an investment that can't sustain enough income for you over time. Investing in real estate is a long-term wealth-building strategy. Success requires thorough research, understanding numbers and trends, and looking for properties with excellent long-term ROI potential.

The most successful investors don't rely only on quick online searches or their personal experience with initial success to build a profitable portfolio. Partnering with a rental manager is one of the best ways to get in-depth market analysis and long-term experience in the Ellenton and Gulf Coast areas when investing in real estate here!

Navigate the Numbers With an Ellenton Property Management Company

Reviewing and understanding vacancy and listings numbers can be critical for finding good properties (and avoiding bad ones)! If you're not sure where to find these numbers or how to interpret them, the best property management company Ellenton offers is the best resource for you! If you're looking for the best "property management companies near me," Gulf Coast Property Management helps investors evaluate potential properties by providing access to all important data. Reach out to us today if your goal is to make sound investment decisions about purchasing an investment property in Florida. Our professional property management services can help you find and manage rentals for long-term success!

Learn more about what to look for in the best rental properties! Download our free guide, the "Biography of the Perfect Investment Property."