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Property Management Learning Center for Owners

This property management learning center for owners and investors includes an extensive library of online content which is designed to educate existing and prospective landlords on all matters “Landlord Tenant” related. Content information includes how to videos, blogs, video content and more. Consider this your ultimate guide to rental property ownership.

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Investment Owners: Property Value

Welcome, investors! Here at Gulf Coast Property Management, we work with rental investors in Manatee and Sarasota...

Tax Considerations of a Foreign Investment Property Owner in Lakewood Ranch

With the Bradenton, Sarasota & Lakewood Ranch areas being extremely popular destinations for investors from all over the world, many people purchase in the area without knowing their full responsibilities of rental income tax. If you are a non-resident of the U.S. and...

When a Tenant Skips Town

What is a Landlord to do when the rent has not been paid, and the tenant has appeared to have abandoned the property? Even the best of background checks cannot predict tenants who will skip town and leave the property abandoned. Ideally, this is a situation you will...

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