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The Essential Vacation Rental Maintenance Checklist in Sarasota

The Essential Vacation Rental Maintenance Checklist in Sarasota

When you visit a vacation rental for the first time, what do you expect to see? You'd probably like for it to be clean, functional, and comfortable. Your own vacation renters will expect the same from you and more.

A well-maintained rental property will ensure that your guests have a good time and want to come back again in the future. It'll also keep your investment in the best condition possible so you can get the most use out of it while you can.

Here's what should be on your essential vacation rental maintenance checklist in Sarasota.

Safety Checks

The first task on your vacation rental maintenance checklist should always be to assess your property's safety features.

Inspect smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure to replace the batteries every year.

You should also make sure to review the locks on all doors and windows. Ensure that your security systems like exterior cameras still work.

Plumbing and Water

Keeping your plumbing and water systems in working order is a big part of your vacation rental maintenance costs.

After a renter has left, check for any leaks in your faucets, pipes, and toilets. Flush your water heater to remove any sediment buildup and ensure that no drains are blocked.

Electrical Systems

In addition to your plumbing, you'll also want to test all of your outlets to ensure they're working properly. This is an essential step if you want to prevent the risk of an electrical fire, as well.

Your vacation rental maintenance services should cover this, but it doesn't hurt to take a look yourself.

Appliance Maintenance

Vacation rental repairs don't always encompass broken pipes or utilities. In many cases, you'll want to spend time servicing your major appliances, such as the rental's refrigerator or microwave.

One of the most important types of regular maintenance includes HVAC service. It wouldn't look good if a vacation rental didn't have functioning air conditioning.

Interior and Exterior Cleanup

Vacation renters don't always clean up as well as they should when they leave. As such, you'll need to spend some time making sure your interior furnishings and exterior of your property are cleaned and maintained.

Pest Control

One part of pest control is cleaning up garbage and leftover food. The other is sealing any cracks or openings and scheduling regular treatments.

Other Amenities

Finally, address any of the other amenities offered such as your pool or hot tub, furniture, and bedding. While some travelers use vacation rental damage insurance, you can't always rely on that.

If you use a property management company, they will let you know if anything needs replacing or repairs.

Complete Your Essential Vacation Rental Maintenance

The items on your essential vacation rental maintenance checklist will all depend on the kind of amenities you offer. However, things like your water and electrical systems should always be a priority. Otherwise, you risk damaging your reputation and your investment.

Gulf Coast Property Management offers over two decades of experience in the Sarasota area. Reach out today if you need any help with vacation management, home watch, and more.