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The Best Bradenton Property Management Companies

The Best Bradenton Property Management Companies

One of the most interesting aspects of the property management and rental industry in Bradenton is that the area has largely been serviced by real estate companies rather than property management companies.

Companies specializing in property management is quite a new concept in the Manatee County area but now that landlords are becoming familiar with the idea they are appreciating the benefits. With some of the companies offering sales and rentals and having a dedicated leasing staff, it often leaves the landlord wondering just who are best Bradenton Property Management Companies?

So, who are the best Bradenton property management companies? Despite the fact that we at Gulf Coast Property Management manage and lease hundreds of properties every year in the Bradenton area, potential customers often ask about some of the other management companies in the area. And with Gulf Coast Property Management’s continued focus on education and transparency, here are a few companies to consider when you are choosing your local property management company.

1) Jeanette Properties. Established in 1997 and with offices in Bradenton and Sarasota this company has a rich history in the area. They manage annual and vacation rentals.

2) Home Encounter. A newbie on the local management scene they manage mainly annual rentals. The company was established by a large investor following the recession in 2009.

3) Oakleaf Property Management. Located on Manatee Ave this company serves landlords in Bradenton and St Petersburgh. Exclusively annual rentals.

4) All County Property Management. Located in SouthSarasota this annual rental franchised company also has a presence in Manatee County. The Franchisor is based in Utah.5) Michael Saunders & Company. With offices throughout Manatee and Sarasota Counties this real estate company also manages rentals. Established in 1976 they are a local staple.

So there are a few companies for you to consider as you go about your property management research. Although I can’t definitely say they are the best Bradenton property management companies, they do have an established presence. It’s always best to check the companies’ online reputation before committing to a relationship where the company becomes responsible for one of your most valuable assets. As a reminder, Manatee County consists of the following areas, Bradenton, Ellenton, Lakewood Ranch, Palmetto and Parrish.

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