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Protecting Your Vacation Home: The Benefits of Hiring a Home Watch Service

Protecting Your Vacation Home: The Benefits of Hiring a Home Watch Service

Florida ranks at the top of the list for where people would buy vacation homes if they could afford one. A recent survey shows vacation homes are a bigger reality for many adults, with four out of 10 respondents sharing they already own one.

These numbers suggest a growing demand for home watch services.

It's just as important to look after your second home as your regular home. You want to ensure everything is safe and secure. A home watch service is designed to keep an eye on your home away from home.

Whether you have a winter, summer, or holiday home, you can count on a home watch service for regular maintenance, check-ins, visual inspections, and more.

If you're looking for a home watch service, you've come to the right place. Keep reading to learn the benefits of watch services.

Why Invest in a Home Watch Service?

We all have thoughts of unlocked doors, appliances left on, and running water when we leave our homes for work or short vacations. Imagine having those concerns when you're in another part of the country and won't return for months or a year.

Yes, you can leave a key with a neighbor and ask them to check on the property occasionally. You must ask yourself, will they be your eyes and ears, or is home watching a responsibility they want?

Then there is the reality that the trusted neighbor won't always live next door. That's why contracting with a home watch service benefits your peace of mind.

Provide Security

One of the most popular reasons for homeowners to hire a home watch service is for safety. This goes hand-in-hand with knowing that your vacation home is secure.

It's highly recommended that vacation homes have a home security system installed, but it's not enough unoccupied homes.

Regularly monitoring your home adds to security measures your cameras might not catch. Your home watch team should conduct regular home security checks, including looking for suspicious activity.

Maintenance Check-up

When you're away for a while, you want to ensure your home is ready when you return. We often see homeowners hire home watch services for maintenance.

We take care of all the repairs, clean-up, and property maintenance needed while you're away. Your house is ready for your stay when you return.

HOA Compliance

Staying on top of HOA rules is difficult when you're back home. Finding and hiring a contractor to correct compliance issues can be a hassle. Having our watch services team on call makes it easier.

We offer association management services and know Florida HOA rules. We understand how important HOA compliance is and how vital it is to have issues handled while you're away.

Are You Considering Home Watch Plans?

Most vacation renters know little about the convenience of a home watch service. It's a valuable tool for everyone with vacation homes.

Allow Gulf Coast Property Management to provide the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today to learn more. We're here to help.