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Essential Vacation Rental Maintenance for Your Investment Property

Essential Vacation Rental Maintenance for Your Investment Property

Vacation rentals are a huge part of the Florida economy. In fact, Florida investment properties used as vacation rentals add about $46 million each day. This also means that if you own investment properties, you need to make sure they are rentals where people want to stay again.

If you want to keep your vacation rental investment property in good condition, there are a few tasks that you need to complete. Let’s take a look at your key maintenance and how you can make it easier.

Weekly Maintenance

Approximately every week, or after each guest checks out, there are a few tasks you should keep. If you work with a cleaning crew or property management team, they may be able to take care of many of these tasks.

After every guest, you should make sure to check for any missing or broken items. If you find any, make sure to take photos and include this with your billing statement. 

You should also make sure all technology, lightbulbs, blinds, and windows are in good condition. This is also a good time to check for any potential problems, such as plumbing issues, pests, or malfunctioning appliances.

Monthly/Seasonal Tasks 

On a monthly basis, you’ll need to make sure your landscaping is in good condition. You should also check for any weather-related issues in your gutters.

This is also a good time to test safety systems, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and the locks on all doors. 

Approximately every three months, you’ll need to change your HVAC air filter. Checking sprinklers is a good idea during the warmer months.

One of the benefits of working with a Florida investment property management company is that they can handle these frequent, though somewhat large, tasks.

Bi-Annual/Annual Maintenance

A key part of maintaining any property is keeping up with annual maintenance tasks. For example, you need to schedule an HVAC appointment at least once a year, including an A/C inspection. Your HVAC professional will also be able to check your water heater.

Each year, you should also do a thorough inspection of the property, both inside and out. This includes checking for any cracks or water damage in the walls and around windows and doors. You should also inspect the exterior siding, foundation, and any extra structures such as decks.

Twice a year you should also test all of the outlets in the rental. Make sure you run all major appliances through a test. This can help you catch any issues before they cause additional problems.

This is also a good time to do a deep cleaning. Make sure to clean the kitchen hood vent, tops of cabinets, showerheads, and faucets.

Keep Your Investment Property Safe with These Maintenance Tasks

If you have a Sarasota investment property, it’s important that you keep up to date on a number of tasks that keep your property safe and in good shape. Working with a management company can make maintaining and managing investment properties much easier.

If you’re ready to get the most out of your Florida investment property, contact Gulf Coast Property Management today.