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Essential Vacation Property Maintenance

Essential Vacation Property Maintenance

With 2.5 million vacation rental homes only seasonally occupied, it can be a challenge to check up on the condition of your home. However, maintenance is just as essential if not more so when your home is only occasionally filled with renters or used very seldom. 

If you are concerned about keeping your vacation property pristine, then you will need to create a maintenance plan. 

Here are a few essential maintenance tips to get you started. 

Create Checklists

Any vacation house maintenance should include a checklist for when an occupant leaves. This will ensure that there are no damages and will prepare your home for its next guests. 

Use one checklist for only minor maintenance and cleaning schedules. You can hire a cleaning staff to perform basic cleaning duties. However, for rental property inspections, a property management company in Southwest Florida can handle all situations, from cleaning to general maintenance and repair. 

You can also have a monthly, seasonal (depending on the Florida weather) and yearly checklist to keep up with other major tasks.

Security and Preventative Measures

Property maintenance involves more than just cleaning and fixing things when they break. You should also take specific measures to protect your investment property. 

If you live in areas like Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte Counties then you know the humidity is cause for concern. Prevent the growth of mold and mildew by installing dehumidifies in your home to recirculate the air.

Heavy rain can also lead to flooding and leaks. It only takes 24-48 hours for mold to form, especially in high humidity. So, checking for water damage on a weekly basis is essential. 

You also want to safeguard your home with proper security equipment. This means checking locks and video surveillance cameras to ensure they are working. Also, add motion-sensor lighting and test them occasionally. 

Exterior Matters

The outside of your rental property is just as important as the inside. Grass can grow quickly and plants can die suddenly. Keep a lawn service handy if your community does not provide one. 

You can also hire a landscaper to make your property more manageable like adding automatic sprinklers or cutting large shrubs or tree branches. 

If you have a pool then you will need weekly or bi-weekly maintenance just to keep it clean. This may also be a part of your communal or property management maintenance duties. 

Necessary Replacements

No matter how well you clean and maintain your rental home there will always be a need to replace items. Natural wear-and-tear should be taken into consideration. 

For example, furniture will need to be replaced every few years, kitchenware will need updating, and new paint will need to be applied. 

Maintenance for Vacation Properties Means Longevity

When you keep up on the maintenance of your vacation properties then you are ensuring a long investment opportunity. Your home will always be attractive and functional for your guests so they keep coming back for more and refer it to others. 

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