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Effective Preventative Maintenance

Effective Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance events are a nuisance, expensive, and, most of all, inevitable. Just as a Lakewood Ranch landlord's personal home requires ongoing maintenance, their rental property is subject to the same attention.

Some would go as far as to say that rental properties in Lakewood Ranch are more vulnerable to incurring maintenance expenses than an owner-occupied property. There is an assumption that a tenant does not care for a rental property as a resident owner would. In essence, preventative maintenance may not be performed on tenant occupied properties.

This assumption may be unfair to a lot of tenants, but it certainly makes sense.

Let us take a dripping pipe, for instance. If a resident owner notices a slow dripping pipe under their own bathroom cabinet, they will invariably grab a set of channel locks and tighten the connection. A 5-minute job, right?

If a tenant found the same issue, would they go to the same lengths as the resident owner to fix the issue? Would they even own a set of channel locks? We have even heard the response, "that’s the reason I rent."

Possible scenarios

  • The best-case scenario is the tenant identifies and fixes the issue under their own steam. Zero landlord expense
  • The next best is they identify and submit a work order. At this point, the tenant will be guided through a series of troubleshooting steps, and the issue will be resolved without requiring a work orderzero landlord expense.
  • The next best scenario is that the tenant notices and submits a work order, but our maintenance team cannot achieve a resolution over the phone. At this point, we would dispatch our maintenance techs, and the issue would be resolved. Moderate landlord expense. (Our maintenance department charges about 50% less than a Lakewood Ranch plumber.)
  • The worst-case scenario is either the tenant does not notice the dripping pipe or notices but does not report. In this instance, the dripping pipe continues to cause damage, and eventually, the water causes damage to cabinetry, drywall, and mold begins to develop. Major landlord expense.

7 Point Check-Up

The 7 Point Check-Up

This is where our 7 Point Check-Up provides real value. Drawing upon years of experience, and industry experts we have identified 7 of the most of the most common (and often costly) maintenance issues and created a plan.

The items included in the 7 Point Check-Up are:

  • Underside of the sinks - We will check if there are any active leaks or evidence of previous leaks.
  • Showers and sinks - We will check the caulk and grout in all wet areas for cracking, signs of mold, and peeling.
  • Toilets - We will check to see if they are running, evaluate the condition of the guts, valves, and hoses.
  • AC Filters - We will check the condition of AC filters, identify the installation date, and report to the rental manager signs of neglect on the part of the tenant.
  • Garage Door Hinges and Rollers - We will check, adjust, and lube where necessary.
  • Washing Machine Hoses - We will check the condition of the valve, tighten, and make recommendations if necessary.
  • Faucets - We will inspect all faucets, identifying loose, leaky, and defective pieces.

Every time one of our in-house technicians completes a repair on a Lakewood Ranch rental property, they will also perform the 7 Point Check-Up. If they can fix the issue at the time of their visit (within 15 minutes), they will do so without any additional expense to you. If more serious issues are identified, you will be notified by your rental manager.

He was just there!

Not only will this approach to preventative maintenance allow us to nip minor issues in the bud before they become larger issues, but it will also reduce the overall maintenance expense for our landlords.

We understand how frustrating it is to see two separate expense items, performed only days apart on a statement. Our 7 Point Check-Up process eliminates the 'He was just there!' scenario.

Taking a deep dive into the landlord mindset and creating initiatives like this is one reason Gulf Coast Property Management has earned the coveted Certified Rental Management Company Accreditation.