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5 Questions To Ask Any Tenant When Filling Your Bradenton Rental Vacancy

5 Questions To Ask Any Tenant When Filling Your Bradenton Rental Vacancy

Bradenton property management professionals are experts at tenant screening, and we've put together some of our best tips to help investors find excellent renters!

How do you identify the best tenants for your real estate investment property? Once you find quality tenants, how do you keep them on-site and happy? What are some of the steps you can take to look at the history of individuals, their criminal background, credit scores? Asking the right questions of potential new tenants is a critical part of tenant screening. Keep reading to learn some of the best questions to ask potential tenants from expert property management in Bradenton.

1. Why Are You Moving From Your Current Space?

The rationale for a move can tell you a lot about a prospective tenant. Why is your new tenant looking to move? Pay close attention to the answer to this critical question.

It could be that the tenant is having a difficult time with their current landlord, or perhaps they are not paying rent on time. If they mention issues with the property or owner, take note when you check prior rental history and speak with previous landlords about their experiences with your potential renter.

The answer to this question can also tell you that they are a responsible tenant. The tenant may be moving out of their home so they can be closer to a new job or family. These are valid reasons for moving that can put your mind at ease that you're about to rent to quality residents.

2. Do You Own Any Pets?

What is the pet policy for your real estate investment property? Whether you allow pets or not, you want to know if your potential new tenant owns any petsand if they intend to live there with the pets. Depending on their answer and if you offer pet-friendly rentals, the lease agreement will need to include each pet and the rules for owning pets. In addition, a pet screening process can help ensure that the pet meets your criteria and works well with your Bradenton property.

Asking this question will tell you more about the potential tenant, give you insight into their responsibility, and if they're forthcoming about owning a pet and looking for a home that allows pets.

3. Have You Ever Broken a Lease Before?

While not every broken lease indicates a terrible tenant, you want to know if a tenant has ever broken a lease in the past. The last thing you want is for a tenant to come in and then halfway through break the lease or just move out. You want a tenant to sign a lease agreement and then see it through to the end. Asking this question will help reveal a history of broken leases or help potential tenants explain the circumstances of leaving a lease for situations like deployment or job relocation.

4. Why Do You Want to Rent This Property?

What is the motivation of this tenant to rent your Bradenton property? There are plenty of available rentals in the market. What is it that brought them to you specifically?

When the potential tenant answers this question, it can help you learn a little more about their needs and if they're a good fit for your rental. Knowing what they like about the property and what can help them stay can help build a relationship with a long-term resident.

5. Why Should I Rent to You?

There is no shortage of available renters in the Bradenton market. However, you want to be sure you choose a tenant that you can trust! Let the potential tenant have the opportunity to sell themselves to you. You could have several potential tenants, all with a clean background and who meet your criteria. Asking them why you should rent to them can help them show you that they are the best tenant for today and the future.

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Hire a Property Management Professional to Screen Tenants

If these sound like tricky questions, hire a Bradenton property management professional! We know how to conduct a proper screening and the critical questions that help place the best quality renters in your properties. We also avoid questions that violate Fair Housing laws or qualify as discriminatory practices.

The best property management in Bradenton has the resources to conduct thorough (and legal) tenant screening for every applicant and protect your investments. 

Fill Your Next Vacancy With Bradenton Property Management

Before your next vacancy, hire the best Bradenton property management! Don't wait until you're dealing with an empty property to start to screen new tenants or looking for a property manager to handle it for you.

Gulf Coast Property Management knows the market and applies a thorough screening process—with all the right questions—to make sure we place quality renters in your properties. If you're ready for help screening tenants, let us ask the questions! Reach out, and let's chat about how we can help.