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3 Tips for Finding the Best Homes for Rent in Sarasota, FL

3 Tips for Finding the Best Homes for Rent in Sarasota, FL

Roughly 2.6 million Floridians rent their homes in the Sunshine State. With so many people renting, finding homes for rent shouldn't pose much of a challenge. But how can you rent a home in Florida, and what parts of the Florida real estate scene should you look into?

If you're curious about Sarasota real estate, we're here to help. Read on for the three best tips on renting homes in Florida.

1. Know the Area

Your first step is to understand the area you're wanting to rent in. Florida is a varied and diverse state with different economies, qualities of living, and more. In Sarasota, you'll need to research the locale before you search for homes.

Understanding the areas of Sarasota can help you find a better home. You'll know where prices are highest and where homes are more likely to become available.

You can also help yourself rent a perfect home for your family. Knowing what your future rented property is near will show you whether a house is worth your time.

2. Know the Beach's Effects on Rent

Most people come down to Florida - especially south Florida - for the beaches. Because of this, you can find the highest prices on the beach in Sarasota.

Prices are particularly high if you cross the bridge over to the Keys. Lido and Bird Key have some of the highest prices in Florida for rent!

Prices remain high across South Sarasota, Cherokee Park, Arlington, the Heights, and similar areas. If your budget is unlimited, these areas are perfectly fine.

But if you're working within the usual rental budget, these locales are higher than you may prefer. Instead, you should move inland.

The further inland you move, the lower the prices for renting become. By the time you've reached Pinecraft, Bellevue, or Sarasota Springs, prices have dropped by the thousands.

These areas are still only a few minutes from the beach. The views may not have the same oceanic backdrop, but you'll have enough left in your budget to enjoy your time in Sarasota.

3. Don't Let Prices Scare You

Sarasota has high prices due to being a fantastic place to live and a popular tourist destination. While these prices are daunting, don't let them scare you out of your dream home.

Instead, shop around for a home that fits within your budget. You may need to move further inland or to a different part of southwest Florida. Make sure you aren't straining your budget beyond what you can afford!

Finding Homes for Rent

Finding homes for rent in Sarasota is easy once you know where you're looking. Do your best to research the areas of Sarasota so that you can understand the pricing and draws of each area. Stay near the beach for scenic and beautiful views, or move inland to save money on rent while remaining close to the ocean.

For more information on renting homes, be sure to contact us to learn more!