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Top Reasons to Have a Tenant Portal for Your Gulf Coast Properties

Top Reasons to Have a Tenant Portal for Your Gulf Coast Properties

More and more property managers are deciding to create a tenant portal for people to access for several reasons. Much like with any other change, we understand you want to take your time to determine if the change's pros will outweigh its cons.

If you're still on the fence about having an owner's portal for your gulf coast properties, we've got a few reasons that might help you make your final decision. Get ready to find better means of managing a property than you ever thought could happen for this reason below.

Saves You Time

When you offer a portal for tenants to do things like submit maintenance requests or pay their rent, you save them time and yourself. If you didn't have an owner's portal that offered tenants a chance to submit inquiries after hours, how do you think they will get the answers they're looking for?

Instead of having to speak to you, their message can go directly to your maintenance workers. This helps save time on both sides in the long run because the portal makes things easier.

Increase in Property Efficiency

Another reason to have an owner's portal for your gulf coast properties is that it can help increase the efficiency of managing each property. When you don't have a portal to use it increases the number of calls and emails you have to sit down and sift through manually.

The use of a portal for yourself and tenants ensures that you don't spend time that could be dedicated to other tasks answering emails. Instead, you can dedicate your focus to other things versus answering the same emails and calls.

Instead, you can place an FAQ within the portal for tenants to address.

Makes Rent Payment Easier

If you're a seasoned property manager, you have a love-hate relationship with the first of the month. You love it because that's when you collect rent, but you also hate it because that's when you receive an influx of money orders from your tenants.

A tenant portal allows you to accept transactions online instead of through the mailbox attached to the front of your office. It also means that your payment processing time is reduced versus submitting the money orders to a third party before rent has been paid.

Allows for Project Tracking

Have you ever encountered problems with a specific tenant and had to dig through receipts to support your requests? This can be hard to do when you don't have digital evidence to document your encounter with tenants.

Online owner's portals allow you to keep track of property maintenance and others things such as late payments that have been made. Not only does this leave a paper trail for you, but it also makes it convenient for the tenant to see things they need.

Reasons Having a Tenant Portal is a Must

When you're a property owner, it goes without saying that you need a tenant portal. Not only does it help you track ongoing maintenance, and makes rent payments easier.

If you're looking for a service that helps you become a better property manager, contact Gulf Coast Property Management. We offer several services that you should take advantage of today.