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The Ideal Interior Design Elements for Rental Properties

The Ideal Interior Design Elements for Rental Properties

Does the interior design of your rental properties matter? The answer is yes! There are a couple of reasons why creating a timeless look in the interior design of your rental property is very important. First, when you create a timeless look, you are creating something that will last.

While interior design trends will come and go, your rental properties will not need remodeling for many years when you successfully start with a timeless look. This saves you money because you won’t need to remodel again the next time interior design trends change. Next, you give your tenants a blank slate on which to add their own style and personality.

Whichever rooms you are planning on remodeling keep the following tips in mind to help you create a timeless look and give an excellent foundation for your tenants to build upon.

Use Natural Materials

When remodeling floors, stairways, cabinets, countertops and shelving, use natural materials whenever possible. Using wood in a medium stain for flooring, stairways, cabinets and shelving is always a good choice for creating a timeless look that can last for decades. Quartz, tile and granite are also ideal choices for the kitchen and bathrooms. When choosing your colors and patterns, stick with neutral colors and natural grains and patterns. This is especially important when remodeling flooring, cabinets and countertops which are major design elements.

Use Neutral Colors

When choosing paint colors, stick with neutral. White walls, baseboards and trim would certainly qualify as neutral. However, you can create a beautiful and timeless interior design and still make it fresh and interesting. A great choice would be tan or taupe walls with white trim and baseboards. This creates a fresh, clean, timeless look that won’t go out of style for years. This is another way to give your tenants a blank canvas to add their own color and style to.

Don’t Let the Details Overwhelm You

Don’t spend unnecessary time adding lots of decorative details to your interior design. Keep it simple. Focusing too much on decorative details can be a very time-consuming endeavor, not to mention costly. You don’t want to spend your time and money on ornate or trendy details that will change in just a few years. This output of time and money could also end up being a complete waste of time if the tenants decide they don’t like these details and just put them in a box while they use their own decorative items.

Storage Space is Always a Plus

Functional, timeless storage space is a great investment and always appreciated by your tenants as well. Storage space is also a great place to use natural materials, such as wood. You’ll definitely want to provide plenty of storage space in the kitchen and bathrooms. It is also a good idea to provide storage space for books, photos and your tenant’s decorative items. Adding shelving to a blank wall could be the perfect way to achieve this.

Have Fun!

For those of you who enjoy painting and remodeling – get started! But even if you don’t enjoy the process, you and your tenants will certainly be pleased with the results when you follow these simple tips in creating timeless interior design for your rental properties.