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When to Replace Items in your Vacation Rental

There are many factors that affect the likelihood of a successful vacation rental, none more so than reviews and repeat bookings. You could apply all the marketing and price adjustments in the world but unless the guest has a great experience which results in a glowing review and at least considers coming back the property will ultimately fail. 

One way to ensure a positive guest experience is to ensure the house is well equipped and the furniture remains in good condition. 

As you can imagine, guests are hard on furniture. This is not necessarily a slight on vacation rental guests, just the reality of type of use vacation rentals are subject to. 

Below you will find a rough guide on to the recommended timeline for replacing items is.  

I have covered how to set up a furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) Reserves in this blog.

Bedroom Furniture & Linen Replacement Schedule

Bedrooms are intended to provide a peaceful retreat, but when furniture starts showing signs of wear and tear, it can disrupt the tranquility. Follow these timelines to ensure timely replacements and maintain a comfortable environment for your guests.

Mattresses: Replace every 5-10 years, unless there are issues like broken springs or stains, in which case immediate replacement is necessary. To promote even wear, rotate and flip mattresses once or twice a year.

Bedsheets and Pillowcases: Plan on renewing every 1-2 years. As part of our Linen Program, Gulf Coast offers plush, hotel-quality bed sheets that we launder and change between guests. Depending on occupancy, we may replace them sooner or later than the 1 0r 2 years to ensure a fresh and comfortable guest experience. 

Pillows: Replace annually. Consider using pillow protectors beneath the pillowcases for added hygiene and protection.

Duvets, Bedspreads, Blankets, and Comforters: Refresh every 1-2 years. Regularly washing these items after each guest prevents the accumulation of dust mites, sweat, and hair. However, after about two years, it's advisable to invest in new bedding due to natural wear and tear caused by frequent laundering.

Bedside Tables: Replace or refinish every 5-10 years. When tables become wobbly, develop extensive water stains, or no longer match the bedroom's style, it's time to find a suitable replacement.

Living Room Furniture Replacement Schedule

The living room serves as a central hub for various activities, including watching TV, playing games, relaxing, and more. To avoid complaints about damaged or worn-out furniture, keep track of each piece's expected lifespan.

Fabric/Cloth Couches, Sofas, and Chairs: Renew every 7-10 years. Look out for sagging cushions, insufficient lumbar support, or any broken parts as indicators for replacement.

TVs: Replace every 7-8 years. If guests report issues like fading screens, poor sound quality, or delayed startup, it's worth considering the purchase of a new television.

Coffee and End Tables: Replace or refinish every 5-10 years. When tables become unstable, accumulate excessive water stains, or no longer align with the style of your vacation home, it's time to find suitable replacements.

Replacement schedule for a kitchen

Don’t let a broken coffee maker, scratched up pans, or a leaky dishwasher ruin your streak of positive reviews. Stay up to date with all your kitchen essentials with these replacement dates. As with many purchases, higher equality items have longer life expectancies.

Dishwasher: Every 5-8 years. Some signs your dishwasher needs to be repaired or replaced: Overheating, leaking, overcooking, giving off an odd smell, or making strange noises.

Refrigerator: Every 10-12 years. If your food is spoiling too quickly, there’s condensation inside the fridge, it’s too loud (or too quiet), it’s time for a replacement.

Stove and oven: Every 10-15 years. Replace sooner if buttons aren’t working or if there is a faulty spark igniter, loose wiring, or cracks on the tempered glass.

Garbage disposal: Dependent on use. We see garbage disposals burning out,regularly, largely to do with guests not understanding how to correctly use them.

Blenders: Every 3-5 years. With regular use, the motor and blades will slowly wear out.

Coffeemakers: Every 2-5 years, with regular cleaning and descaling.

Microwave: Every 10-12 years. It’s time for a replacement if it’s emitting smoke, sparks, or burning smells. Or, if it’s not cooking correctly and the buttons no longer work.

Ceramic pots and pans: Every 2-5 years. Over time, the coating will wear off. Cast iron and stainless-steel cookware generally don’t have to be replaced at all, with the proper care.

By adhering to these furniture replacement schedules, you can ensure that your bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen maintain a fresh and inviting ambiance for your guests, enhancing their overall experience.