Here at Gulf Coast Property Management landlords often ask why to consider working with a property manager vs realtor. It ultimately boils down to core competencies.

Certainly, some realtors can do a great job of finding tenants. Realtors deal with transaction base real estate scenarios. It’s often something that realtors do to fill in the gaps between real estate sales.  Unfortunately, their reach is usually limited. They do not typically leverage the advancements that have taken place over the last 5 years in the property management industry.

True rental management companies focus solely on rentals and management and utilize extensive advertising channels which are specific to rentals.  Using traditional practices a realtor can only advertise on a handful of sites. Whereas property management companies will distribute to 50-60 websites. This obviously provides you the landlord a far greater reach to potential tenants.

The other benefit of working with a property manager vs realtor, is that good property management company invests in software specific to rental management. The property management company is processing applications on a regular basis. Therefore they have perfected the art of screening, completing thorough move-in inspections and preparing solid leases. E.g.  leases that looks after you the landlord rather that the standard boiler plate lease that is often used by real estate agents. Once you have bundled that up these services it provides a great platform for success. Also, if you want to continue that experience into a management program the transition will be much easier.

There is a choice out there and we understand some landlords will work with the agent they are most familiar with. Even if it’s not the agent’s area of expertise. But if you ever want to consider a property management company and discover what they can do for your leasing experience please give us a call at Gulf Coast Property Management. We would be happy to help you out.

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