Relationships Matter

Whether you are an existing customer, vendor or real estate agent we understand that when you make a recommendation, you are risking your personal and professional reputation. You have to be assured that the company you are recommending will paint you in a good light.

As the leading rental management company in the area, our vision is to improve the property management experience for every party involved. We do this by investing in our team, committing to industry education, creating a great culture and most of all doing what we say we are going to do. Sounds simple, but we have realized these 4 pillars of business are the key to our success.

Owner Referrals

If you know of an annual or seasonal/vacation rental owner that will benefit from our services, complete the forms below and we will do our upmost to take care of them. We can’t guarantee that we will be able to solve all of their problems, but we can guarantee to be responsive and give them sound professional advice.

We pay a $250 referral commission for any lead that results in a property owner signing up with us. The referral fee will be paid out once we receive the first month’s rent and is as follows:

If you are a real estate agent, we will also refer the lead back to you when the time comes for the lead to sell their property. More details can be found here.

Guest/Tenant Referrals

At this time we do not pay a referral fee for a guest or tenant referral but we can guarantee we will respond within 24 hours, deliver great service and try and help them out as much as we can.

Thanks and we look forward to serving you and your friends, associates and clients for years to come!