Real Estate Agent Referral Program

You’re the real estate sales expert and we’re
the property management expert.

We understand real estate agents are hesitant about referring their clients to another brokerage. You have spent time and money developing the relationship and you have legitimate concerns.

Will the property manager look after my client?

Is the property management company legitimate?

Will the property manager add value to my team of vendors?

Will the listing (or future sales) be returned to me at the end of the term?

We can reassure you on all of these points, and ensure your referral is treated like gold. Your experience in buying and selling property Manatee and Sarasota county real estate, combined with our experience in managing real property, is a win-win for you Gulf Coast Property Management and most of all your clients.

In the real estate sales and services industry, relationships build business. Gulf Coast Property Management partners with real estate agents to provide best in class, full-service property management solution to clients. You can be assured your clients will be well-cared for until we return the listing to you. Your clients benefit by leveraging our expertise to maximize their return without interrupting their day to day life.

To manage real property, Florida Statutes require that we maintain our Real Estate Brokerage License. To be clear, we do not perform real estate listing services. Managing properties is our core competency and we sign a non-compete agreement with you on every referral you send.

Why Call Gulf Coast Property Management?

Never Lose a Client Again

Refer a client to us and we’ll make sure their asset is protected and their investment yields best in class returns. When it’s time to buy more or list, they will be referred straight back to you.

Remove the Agenda

Let’s face it, clients have the perception that real estate agents are paid very well. Occasionally an agent’s motives are questioned when a certain property is recommended. Establishing a partnership with Gulf Coast can remove this fear. We can offer objective opinions on investment properties, so your client has all the data needed to make an informed decision. No more blame game.

Reduce Your Liability

Managing yourself? Landlord-Tenant Law is a precarious beast and is only getting more complicated. Fee handling, maintenance issues, security deposit disputes, etc., can all result in expensive litigation defense? Yes, and it can even put your real estate license in jeopardy. Leave leasing to the experts.

Protect your Reputation

We know it takes years to build a great reputation but just minutes to ruin it. Often, one bad review is enough. Being the middleman between landlords and tenants is a lonely place. We’ll take the blows, so you don’t have to. Preserve your online and offline reputation by referring property management services to a trusted partner.

We'll Make You Look Good

Has a vendor that you recommended ever left you embarrassed? We know it takes years to build a great reputation but just minutes to ruin it. We show up on time and do what we say.

Our online reviews speak for themselves. We will ensure your clients receive world class service and they will always be reminded that it was you who made the introduction.

We'll Pay You!

We saved the best until last. We do not expect you to provide something for nothing. After we receive the first month’s payment, we will cut you a check for $250.

When to Reach Out to Gulf Coast Property Management?

Client’s Listing is About to Expire

You’ve done everything you can, but the timing wasn’t quite right? Instead of losing the listing to another agent, you can refer the client to us, receive the referral commission, and, when the time is right to list again, you are in the prime spot to re-list.

Seller Needs Immediate Income

We have all seen it: Relocation, divorce, or the seller over-extends with a new purchase. The client needs to sell the property quickly and it’s your problem to fix. Renting generates immediate income and may just give your seller the breathing room they need to navigate their situation. Once the dust has settled, you will be the first port of call for that listing call.

Client is an Investor

Managing rentals is our core competency. Finding clients and finding properties is what you do best. You collect the sales commission; we will do the heavy lifting on the management end. Prove the concept, deliver great service and your client will buy more!

Client is a Part Time Resident

Your client lives out of state or overseas? Consider our Vacation/Seasonal Rental Program. By offering them a source of revenue, it may turn that “maybe” into a “yes”! It may give the buyer the confidence to spend more.

Client is Buying Now for Future Use

Working with an out of state client who is 5 years away from retirement? We have worked with hundreds of owners who have purchased property, taken advantages of today’s prices, and earned substantial revenue until the time was right for them to move. Many end up keeping the rental and buying another!

Want to Learn More?

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Refer a Client to Us

What People Are Saying About Us

review rating 5  
I have been using Gulf Coast to rent my property for about 2 years and they have done an amazing job. They are easy to deal with, responsive, professional and organized.I have had the pleasure to work with Maria, Scott and Jamie and highly recommend them.

photo (1) Kirenia Sintas

review rating 5  
We are a General Contracting business, we have been working with Matt and Scott on multiple projects. We find them to be Responsive, Honest and Upfront.They care about there residents, they are Absolutely Great to deal with. I would recommend them in a Heartbeat!!Great Management, Awesome a Attitude and more importantly, ( THEY CARE) These Guy's are Rare!!

photo4 Scott Schrader

review rating 5  
Gulf Coast manages five properties for me. They have been wonderful. They take care of issues, communicate regularly, consult me when they need to and just handle smaller matters, and they provide excellent records for tax purposes, etc. I couldn't be more satisfied with their services. I'd like to give a special call-out to Maria Palatino, who deals with all things financial and special handles a slightly complex monthly interaction with the trust company that "holds" several of my rentals. Maria is responsive and helpful!

Photo2 Meryl Ginsberg

review rating 5  
I started working with this company about 2 1/2 months ago for a move across country. Laurie Rastovski was my leasing agent. She really made everything very simple for me, the whole process was stress free 100% with the application. She was great to work with. I moved into the property a few days ago and I am very pleased! This place is perfect for me and it was clean and move in ready! I like this company and would recommend!Thank you for taking care of us :)

Photo3 Psychic Echosunrise

review rating 5  
I have been using Gulfcoast since 2017. They have been invaluable in renting our Sarasota property. The staff including Andy, Scott and Maria the bookkeeper are all incredibly responsive and courteous.

Vince Vince Lepera

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with Gulf Coast Property Management, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.