Annual Rental Property Investment

As the country recoils from the housing market collapse many families have been forced from their own homes and into rental properties. Since 2009 we have experienced a tremendous increase in our annual rental portfolio and we are confident this trend will continue.

The road to economic recovery is going to be a slow process and many analysts anticipate the demand for rental properties to increases year on year until at least 2018. The major factors for this conclusion are derived from a general perception of economic uncertainty, continued high unemployment, tighter lending legislation and the inability of potential buyers to raise deposits.

When selecting properties to purchase we concentrate on two goals; cash flow and appreciation. The ultimate goal is to achieve the maximum in both but realistically it is a sliding scale weighted more towards one than the other.

An example of a cash flow model will be a purchase that will provide a 9 – 11% net return with a modest appreciation forecast of between 15-20%.

An example of an appreciation focused model would be a purchase where we forecast significant appreciation of between 35-40% within 5 years. However the anticipated annual return may only yield a net 5% in terms of cash flow.

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Our skilled advisors will determine which approach best suits your financial goals. In some cases, investment properties may already have existing rent paying tenants, providing immediate return on your investment.


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We've had our house under management by Andy and his team at Gulf Coast since 2010, and we couldn't be more pleased. Andy's team found a renter for me in about two days, and that same tenant has renewed every year since. I'd highly recommend Gulf Coast Property Management.

Vince Maffeo
- Satisfied Client


Andy and the Gulf Coast team are great! They manage the day to day operations of my rental unit in a timely and efficient fashion. They keep me abreast of everything pertaining to my rental property. Most importantly, they are quick to act on any situation/problem that comes up with my rental house and make a great effort to resolve it in a timely manner. We are very satisfied with their service.

Raj Cheruvu
- Happy Customer

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We guarantee our renters for 6 months.

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Comprehensive, in-house maintenance is available for all of the properties we manage.

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What People Are Saying About Us


Gulf Coast is our Property Manager, and we've never received anything less than top quality service. They maintain our property to an excellent standard, and respond to any issues that arise promptly. By the same token, tenants can rest assured that any maintenance concerns will receive a similar fast response.

Darrin and Karen Wilkinson
- Satisfied Clients


We are very pleased with the excellent service we have had through Gulf Coast. We are new to being landlords and needed guidance. Gulf Coast helped us find a suitable property, gave advice on best locations and guided us through the legal process. Everyone we have dealt with in the company so far has been extremely helpful.

Philip Wilde
- Happy Homeowner

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