Pitfalls of Performing Property Management Services

“Success demands singleness of purpose. You need to be doing fewer things for more effect, instead of doing more things with side effects.”

~The One Thing by Gary Keller

You cannot be everything to everyone. What do you want your firm to be known for?

Why Brokers Shouldn't Offer Property Management, Too.

Here Are 3 Reasons Brokers Shouldn’t Include Leasing & Management in Their Service Suite:

Damage to Your Brand

You’ve worked too hard building your firm’s reputation, only to have it threatened by a disgruntled tenant or over-demanding landlord.

Working as the buffer between a landlord and tenant often results conflict. 9 times out of 10 the agent or property manager is deemed to be the bad guy. At best its hurt feelings and at worst it results in litigation. One thing is for sure, your reputation will take the hit via word of mouth or online reviews.

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Your agents reflect you and your company. Are you sure they are delivering a consistent level of service that accurately represents how you want your brand to be viewed?


Is your firm’s split on leasing and management fees worth the risk?

Decreased Agent Productivity

We often hear that agents feel obligated to perform property management services to appease clients. The strength of a company comes from knowing what it does really well. Property management is a low margin industry and only becomes profitable with scale and systems. When your agents are running around performing management duties, they are not focusing on sales. Help your agents, and your bottom line, by removing this distraction.

Increased Liability

With only one chapter of the Florida Real Estate exam dedicated to property management, are you sure your agents are proficient in Landlord-Tenant law?

Are you sufficiently insured to manage properties? Many brokers are surprised to learn their E&O policy doesn’t cover property management services.

Even if you do have property management E&O coverage, do you know how much it is costing you and what your net return on that cost is? is it worth it?

The majority of FREC and the Division of Real Estate violations are property management related.

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Landlord-Tenant law is a minefield and you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your agents. Whether it be ensuring escrow compliance, Fair Housing violations, managing maintenance responsibilities or collecting delinquencies; any failings in these areas will land on your doorstep.


Take the time to calculate whether the return you are currently generating from property management and leasing is worth it.

Gulf Coast Property Management operate an agent referral program and a broker recurring revenue program

If you do have an existing book of management business, we may be interested in purchasing this from you.

Please contact us for more details.

What People Are Saying About Us

review rating 5  
This experience has been a pleasure from day 1. All of our concerns have always been dealt with in a very timely and efficient manner. We are being kept updated on everything happening at our property without feeling like we're being spammed.
Chelsea is amazing to deal with, she replies to and acts on emails faster than I've ever experienced with anyone else on the property market. Even a Friday evening 6pm has not held her back from communicating information between our tenants and us.

Jay Carter Jay Carter

review rating 5  
I had the pleasure of working with Laurie to find our new home and have Kelly as my property manager. Everything has gone better than I could have hoped or imagined. We began very stressed trying to find a home and when we came across the house we chose, Laurie was so kind during the showing and made everything so easy after that point. Kelly has been wonderful since we started living here and been super helpful with any questions we have. We are so happy this was our first experience moving into a home!

Stephanie Romanello Stephanie Romanello

review rating 5  
Scott has proved to be a personal, professional and people oriented person to work with. He spent time to look over things preparing for rental and I felt included through his listening and feedback. He responds promptly and courteously to handle questions in email. In fact I feel like he takes care of everything that I would do and more. I am in process of moving and he reduced my stress level by clarifying tasks that Gulf Coast could complete. He also thinks of things to do I didn't think of and seeks my approval before acting on tasks. He is a class act. My only complaint is that he showed up extra early for initial appt. but that is better than not at all or late! Overall I highly rate him as a welcome presence on Gulf Coast staff. I already feel part of their team with dignity and respect.

Keith Gerber Keith Gerber

review rating 5  
I've been very happy with the service from Gulf Coast Management! Very prompt if I need something fixed in my unit. Kelly Crawford always answers my emails and has been easy to work with! Excellent service!

Julia Payton Julia Payton

review rating 5  
As a long-term Plantation rental guests, my husband and I want to thank Elaine Dexter at making our visits a fantastic experience. Everything runs smoothly when she is in charge. She goes out of her way to handle any problem or concern (be it large or small) with a sense of urgency & commitment. You can tell that she truly cares! Looking forward to seeing Elaine in November, because I know that our visit will be a memorable one. We know we will be in good hands with no worries at all.

Lynn Anderson Lynn Anderson

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